Meet the team

Our team are all veterans of the UK armed forces, and the leading members are:

Steve O'Connor

Steve has over 20 years in the business and has specialised in the following key areas: Integration of networks, the installation of Windows, NetWare and Unix/Linux, communication links for both Local and Wide Area Networks including microwave radio links, development of order processing, stock control and machinery interface software, use of hand-held devices with barcoding and RFID technology, hardware configuration and repair, maintenance organisation and cross-platform linking.

Pete Malon

Pete has over 25 years of industry-related experience. He excels in the following areas: workflow systems, control systems for laboratory equipment, stock control, data warehousing, front ends for legacy systems (Unix/Linux or AS/400 based), data conversions and multi-tier systems, and web site / web service development using ASP.NET, PHP, Bootstrap, Symfony, Telerik Kendo UI, Go, etc.