Welcome to Trilogic Ltd

Trilogic Ltd is a long-established business IT company based in Hampshire. We provide a comprehensive list of services to meet our customers' needs, at reasonable prices.

What we do

We offer services including software and web site development, consultancy, network integration, and configuration of communication links including broadband, leased line, multiplexed lines, and microwave links.


We can provide bespoke applications in .NET languages and Microsoft technologies, plus Windows and Linux-based website and web service development for distribution via the Internet or Intranet, using php, javascript, css, node.js, bootstrap, .NET, etc.


Depending on the requirement, we can store your data in a relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, or MS-Access (for smaller systems), or go to a NoSQL database such as MongoDB if that's more approriate.


We have often been called in to resolve problems caused by hardware/software failures or by mistakes made by other suppliers, and if there's a good solution available we will find it and have you up and running again as soon as possible.

Other services

Our consultancy skills can be used to provide system analysis for invitation to tender and as independent assessors of the resulting system solution. We also have considerable experience in the integration of AS/400 and other legacy systems using customised applications.

Why use Trilogic?

We provide leading technology and have a proven track record with an impressive list of satisfied clients as a result of over 40 combined years of development and deployment of complete IT solutions and problem-solving.